Every week there are a number of articles written about social media and the latest trends and features that are emerging on every platform. Here are LiftMetrix’s top 5 favorite articles from this week.

1. How Serious Is Snapchat’s Power, Really?

Snapchat, the image messaging and multimedia app, has gained a lot of momentum for the use of social media marketing. Some are hesitant about the use of Snapchat as an effective social strategy; however, data has shown that the success of Snapchat marketing is real. The app has a larger following than platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. Popularity of the app is quite noticeable due to the large growth of users and its quick jump to the #2 spot for social media in the US. As Snapchat becomes a larger influencer in social media it is revolutionizing the way we do marketing. – Via Jay Baer in ConvinceandConvert

2. Using LinkedIn to Enhance Human Connection (and Results)

One-to-one personalized marketing is the most efficient way to successfully generate sales and leads on social platforms. LinkedIn is a great platform to create a more intimate and personalized message to reach consumers. LinkedIn helps create connections between a consumer and a brand by creating “small talk” interactions using personal information. LinkedIn marketing is a great  resource for brands looking for B2B opportunities or looking to create lasting connections with consumers. -Via John Nemo in SocialMediaToday

3. Social Media Marketing for Direct Selling Companies in the Digital Age

Direct selling puts a large emphasis on personal relationships with their consumers, making the appropriate social media strategy more necessary than ever. Brands that utilize direct selling methods are leaning towards a number of social strategies to create effective methods to reach their clientele. Putting in place the proper strategies that align the company’s goals helps translate practical marketing strategies. Facebook Live Videos is an example of a great resource Direct Selling companies are using to interact with their consumer in real time while receiving direct feedback. – Via Shama Hyder for Forbes

4. 10 Marketing Metrics You Should Always Measure

Social data is the key driver to a successful marketing strategy. If you aren’t properly utilizing your data, you may be creating content that is low in performance and creating low engagements. Make sure you’re measuring traffic to your site, user demographics and landing pages. Mapping the proper metrics behind your social strategies and your webpages can help create more engagement for your brand. – Via Rahul Almin in ConvinceandConvert

5. Ringing in 2017 on Social Media- New Options and Tools for NYE

Lastly, just in time for the New Year is the latest social tools and resources brands and consumers are taking advantage of. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are creating images to celebrate, while some brands, like Hello Kitty, are creating filters on Snapchat to help ring in the New Year. Using filters, especially on occasions like NYE, can help drive brand exposure. – Via Andrew Hutchinson in SocialMediaToday


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Posted by Morgan