Every week there are a number of articles written about social media and the latest trends and features that are emerging on every platform. Here were Liftmetrix’s top 5 favorite articles from this week.

1. 2017 is Coming: Do You Have Your Marketing Metrics in Place?

Marketing is hectic; you have multiple projects on multiple platforms that need to be monitored and measured. Measuring the correct information is important to keeping track of what is working and what’s not. Making sure you are on track as 2016 ends and we quickly shuffle into the new year is a key initiative for success. Determining what your company is effectively and ineffectively doing can be the difference between 2016’s and 2017’s performance. -Via Sujan Patel in Forbes.

2. The 10 Best Online Marketing Strategies to Make You a Unicorn

Unicorns= Top 1-3% performing campaigns Donkeys= Everything else

No, not the mythological creatures in fairy tales, were talking about those rare campaigns that generate the most engagements and success of your marketing efforts. It’s possible but how do we take our marketing strategies from donkeys to unicorns? -Via Larry Kim in WorldStream.

3. The Smarter Way to Humanize Your Company’s Use of Twitter

The voice to your company’s twitter is as essential as the post itself. Creating content that is too bland or robotic disconnects the company from the users they are trying to engage. A voice that follows the story and marketing efforts of a business creates a humanized twitter account. Developing a voice for your business could be as simple as sharing photos of team members or direct messaging customers . -Via Jacob Warwick in Entrepreneur

4. 5 Truths About Social Media Marketing You Need to Hear

Social media in recent years has completely transformed the way the marketing industry does business. Following the trend of social media is adaptive and innovative and the key to success is to follow this trend. -Via Nathan Mendenhall in socialmediatoday

5. 7 Social Media Infographics That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you ever wondered what the secrets are to a great social media campaign. This informative and easy to follow article maps out the best time for posts to the tools needed for social media success.   -Via Zac Johnson in JeffBullas

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Posted by Morgan