Every week there are a number of articles written about social media and the latest trends and features that are emerging on every platform. Here are LiftMetrix’s top 5 favorite articles from this week.

1. 10 Digital Marketing Assets You Need to Invest In Today

media has quickly transformed the way we do business. Markets have become global and the ability to reach millions of potential customers is available on any social platform. The best way to see positive feedback on your social practices is to invest in digital marketing assets. Data, content and social influencers are just a few factors that help optimize your social strategies. Focusing on a social as long-term to help build your assets starts by applying the proper resources today. – Via Jeff Bullas in JeffBullas

2. Two Ways You Can Use Social Media Data

If you’re a company using social media you’re likely to have a lot of data about your customers and competitors. All this data can be overwhelming and hard to follow and you may have no idea what to do with it. Properly using the data from your social strategies can help boost sales or maximize customer experience. So whether you’re monitoring your competitor’s strategies or tracking your consumer’s journey, you can use data to enhance your social practices. – Via Blake Morgan in Forbes 

3. 5 Social Platform Updates You Need to Know About – Christmas Edition

Just in time for the holidays social platforms are fixing bugs and adding new features. Twitter just fixed their bug affecting metrics on live videos, which allows brands to receive more accurate feedback on performance. Facebook has been busy releasing new features, which include auto-detecting on posts and messages and reaction displays for articles.  These new features across both platforms are great opportunities for companies to utilize to help create and track their social posts. – Via Andrew Hutchinson in SocialMediaToday

4. Why 2017 Will Be a Very Different Year for Social Media Marketing

In 2016 the social media world began to distrust the analytics provided by platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Companies are now very wary about social strategy investments due to inaccurate metrics, creating a hurdle for social platforms and social marketing. In 2017 we should expect to see a new approach to social advertisements. Brands are expected to use more fun and quirky methods that are yielded from more efficient strategies.- Via Lily Croll in SocialMediaToday

5. Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram: Who Is Winning the Social Media Shopping Race?

More brands are implementing social media strategies, which in return create more competition between retailers. Recent additions of celebrity endorsements have helped brands, like Coach and Tommy Hilfiger, skyrocket their number of followers and engagements. Instagram is a great example of how social platforms are competing to be your social platform. The app has created new features to enhance customer-shopping experiences, taking consumers straight to the company’s webpage. As the use of social media becomes more competitive in the retail world these platforms must become more competitive as well. – Via Chantel Fernandez in BusinessofFashion 


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Posted by Morgan