Every week there are a number of articles written about social media and the latest trends and features that are emerging on every platform. Here were Liftmetrix’s top 5 favorite articles from this week.

1. The Top Snapchat Statistics You Need to Know for Your Business

Snapchat has become more than a fun way to send photos in real-time to friends. It has become a new resource for businesses to promote their product or service with endless possibilities. The app has become a platform to interact with over 100 million daily active users. Growth of users continues upwards and businesses are taking advantage of its expansive opportunities. The newest feature businesses are utilizing is the use of geofilters to promote their brand. A geofilter deliver nationwide is seen by 40-60% of Snapchat users. So if you’re second guessing placing snapchat into your social strategy, take a look at these statistics. – Via Dara Fontein in Hootsuite.

2. 5 Really Good Reasons to Use Twitter Ads

With all the social platforms there are today, it can be a bit daunting trying to decide which platform is the most beneficial to accomplish your business objectives. Twitter, which offers unique ad targeting features is a great place to start. Twitters ad targeting feature allows you to customize who your ad is targeted towards, tailor your audience and track your performance. – Via Larry Kim in WorldStream.

3. Get Your Business On Facebook Live Today If You Want To Reach Customers

Lately, it seems like Live Videos have popped up in the middle of the night and that’s all anyone is talking about. Live Videos are used for almost every task, no matter the size. From quick luncheons with friends to promotions by major companies, we’re seeing it all. Facebook recently launched its Live Video technologies the past few weeks and people aren’t hesitating to put them to use. Live Videos are a great way for business to interact with their consumer while gaining immediate feedback.- Via Kate Harrison in Forbes.

4. 3 Creative Ways to Generate Leads Using Instagram

Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app, has become a great way for businesses to interact with consumers and accomplish business objectives. Using Instagram the right way can help a brand generate leads while building brand loyalty and consumer engagement. Funny pictures of office staff mixed with promotion posts can be the next marketing opportunity for your brand. – Via Brandon Leibowitz in JeffBullas.

5. 8 Tactics to Maximize the Visibility of Your Tweets

Roughly, “the life of your tweet is only 18 minutes”. That gives you 18 minutes to leave an impression on your targeted consumer. Appropriate hashtags and adding character to your tweet are great ways to capture your viewers attention. These are just a few of the great ways you can adapt your tweets to ensure you gain more visibility  – Via Lesya Liu in entrepreneur

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Posted by Morgan