Every week there are a number of articles written about social media and the latest trends and features that are emerging on every platform. Here were LiftMetrix’s top 5 favorite articles from last week.

1. Will VR Change Marketing Forever?

Virtual Reality seems to be the future of marketing. Advancements in VR devices have created an entirely new platform for marketers to reach their consumers. The infancy of the VR industry creates the perfect opportunity for the marketing industry to take advantage of this medium and all the benefits it has to offer. Businesses can take ads to a whole new level with advanced customer interactions and innovative ways to make a  ads more memorable.  – Via Samuel Edwards in entrepreneur.

2. How Responsive are Retailers on Social Media?

Interaction with a brand is now at the finger tips of consumers. So are brands keeping up with their social media game? In the past months retailers have effectively maximized consumer interaction, however, with the the holiday season quickly approaching retailers must be on their A-game. Knowing how to properly interact to promote consumer engagement and attention is essential for sales with the closing of the 2016 year. – Via Irfan Ahmad in socialmediatoday

3. Twitter Adds Direct Reply Count, New Ranking System on Replies

The recent metrics addition to Twitter will revolutionize the way users measure their interactions. The new functionality allows users to view the ranking of responses to a post, which in turn boost engagements and relevancy. Twitters latest feature creates a more personalized experience that brings them up-to-date with users wants and needs. The coming months will be interesting to see how this update changes the way marketers and consumers interact with one another. -Via Andrew Hutchinson in socialmediatoday

4. 3 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your Business (Beyond Promotion)

Today, more than ever, meaningful long-term changes are needed for a successful company. Social media usage has become overwhelmingly needed for the viability of a companies promotion, but how can social media be used in a meaningful way that benefits your business? Companies beginning to see an increase in KPI, brand awareness and building efficiencies into an organization.

-via Andrew Pressault in Hootsuite

5. The Pinterest Statistics That Matter to Your Business

Pinterest has become more than a source to spread ideas and has quickly evolved into a promotional platform for businesses. When thinking of Pinterest, the word promotion isn’t what jumps straight to ones mind, however recent statistics show how beneficial the use of Pinterest could be when endorsing your brand or products. – Via Dara Fontein Hootsuite



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Posted by Morgan