Every week there are a number of articles written about social media and the latest trends and features that are emerging on every platform. Here were LiftMetrix’s top 5 favorite articles from last week

1. 3 Steps to Effective Brand Storytelling Using Emotion

A brands story is the most powerful digital marketing tool any organization can have. Brand storytelling is the best way to connect with your audience because of the emotional experience that people crave. The science of storytelling isn’t only about the lingo either, scientifically the power of a story can deeply affect our minds by attaching an emotional experience. There are three key steps that are described in this article that is essential for every organization: perspective, plot, and permutation. – via Jeff Rum in socialmediatoday.

2. 5 Extremely Actionable Tips to Improve Your Content Writing

No matter what your writing skill is, it is easy to mesmerize an online audience with a little bit of creativity and having a basic idea about what people want. You only have a few second to hook an audience so if they’re hooked from the start you will gain a following. Even though there is no universal formula to content writing this article provides a few techniques to increase your chance of success and improve your content writing. – via Alicia Honeycutt from jeffbullas.

3. 10 Ways to Market Your Brand on Snapchat

Snapchat is a great marketing medium because of its linear storytelling capabilities and it also allows marketers to develop entertaining and informative experiences that makes audiences want to come back. This article provides 10 ways in which brands are creating content for their Snapchat community along with a few effective Snapchat ad campaigns. – via John Bohan in socialmediatoday.

4. 4 Keyword Selection Tips to Improve Your SEO Efforts

The first thing we do when launching an online campaign is to search for keywords, but by picking keywords that are popular in your industry means that you’re most likely overlapping keywords that are selected by your competitors. By having overlapping keywords your content gets thrown into SE indexing algorithms and you don’t stand out. Keywords are important because they are the key component that search engines use to rank pages – this article goes over the fundamentals of selecting the best keywords and can help your brand understand this complex process. – via Bob Carver from socialmediatoday.

5. 4 Ways to Create Engaging Video Content from Still Images

Our culture has transformed it’s focus into a more visual form and relying heavily on video. From simple to complex animation this article goes over four ways to create engaging videos frame-by-frame by using slideshows, timelapses, pixilation, and stop-motion. – via Colin Marchon in socialmediatoday.

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Posted by Sheena