As 2016 comes to a close, brands have approached LiftMetrix asking what social trends and strategies they can expect to emerge in 2017. Below, we have compiled four key trends that our team has observed gaining popularity among our clients and brands across every industry.

  1. The Use of Live Video

It wasn’t so long ago that the social world was unheard ofleads were generated through printed ads and there was practically no data compared to where we are today. From mail-in surveys then, to the use of Live Videos now, the way we advertise is changing before our eyes. The world of digital marketing has quickly transformed into a tech-savvy, social media-enforced industry. With the introduction of features like Live Video, the way we engage our consumers has completely changed. These days, creating meaningful interactions between a consumer is done within seconds and a purchase can be made minutes after seeing an ad. Live Video is used as an instant interaction between the consumer and the company, where interactions are quickly generated and companies are gaining greater feedback on their content.

  1. Omnichannel and Multi-touch Marketing

As we adapt our marketing strategies towards changing technologies, the way we do business must transform. Companies are now utilizing omnichannels and multi-touch to create a more interactive experience for their consumers. The use of omnichannels as a business strategy has become increasingly more popular as our dependency on digital and social channels are needed for success. We’ve noticed that more companies are diving into the world of omnichannels to supply their customers with an integrated shopping experience from online to in-stores. Now, easier than ever, customers can track purchases, check store inventory or access past order information. Companies are also using multi-touch marketing to optimize their business objectives. Using multiple platforms and forms of advertisements help companies get their product in front of its consumers as frequently as possible. So, whether it’s the traditional Facebook and Twitter advertisements or the incorporation of VR technology to help get their message out, companies now utilize multiple channels to effectively reach their consumers.

  1. The Shift to Internal Earned Social Content

Internal earned social content, media that was not directly created or commissioned by a company, is quickly transforming the way we market brands, products and companies. Positive feedback from a feature blog post or a retweet from a reliable source can be just as effective as a pricey ad campaign. Social shifts have caused consumers to alter the way they receive information about a product or service. Mentions from a reputable company or influencer can be just as effective as word-of-mouth or paid content. Nik Pai, Co-Founder and CEO of LiftMetrix states, “In 2017, the growth of advocacy and social selling will lead marketers to define a new bucket within the “earned” channel to measure this powerful network effect. We will see a whole new set of KPI’s surrounding ROI emerge along with new measurement techniques.”

  1. Connecting Social to Sales

Time and time again, we see brands put money, time and resources towards social strategies with little explanation of how these efforts benefit their organization. As the reliance on social practices becomes greater, the need to understand its connection to sales and ROI becomes greater. Connecting social media to business objectives is imperative for brands to become truly social organizations. “Teams across every organization, from the C-level to business unit heads to the social team, need to understand the effect that social media has on business performance,” explained Graham Gullans, Co-Founder and COO of LiftMetrix. “With this comes the need for customized social reports tailored towards these various functions within the organization so that success on social can be seen through each stakeholder’s business lens.”

So, whether you decide to adapt these trends or not, just remember that your social content strategies must support your company’s business objectives. At LiftMetrix, we’ve published a great deal of content on the best ways to measure your ROI on social media.

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Posted by Morgan