The world of social has progressed significantly from its days of MySpace and the launch of Facebook. Rarely do you find a company, whether it’s a Fortune 500 or a startup, that does not have some social presence. It is estimated that there are 1.98 billion social media users worldwide, making social platforms one of the most effective ways to reach a large population on a global scale. Social media has become a great resource to discover new brands, products and services, and to drive traffic and business objectives onsite.

Sure, social media sounds easy in theory, but when implementing social practices to support business goals across an organization, it can become an extremely complicated and challenging task. More companies are creating full-time positions to help manage various aspects of their social presence, and we pulled together the top social jobs we have seen companies create in 2016 and expect to see become more prolific in 2017.

1. Social Media Strategist

Social media strategists are the backbone of a company’s social presence. To have an effective social campaign you must first research your target market and how you will reach them. Social media strategists not only research who they’re trying to target, but they figure out howincluding what content, platforms, styles and times are the most effective to target their consumer.

Major companies like IBM are enlisting Content Strategists (TCX). This position, focused around Total Customer Experience, creates a seamless sequence between consumer expectations and the real deal. Content Strategists, like Social Media Strategists, are expected to create organic campaigns focused around the consumer and driven by data.

2. Social Media and Consumer Engagement Director

Engagements are what drive the success of a company’s social posts. Engagements give insight on content performance, which allow brands to see what is and isn’t working. Consumers now have the opportunity to interact with their favorite brands in real-time. Consumer Engagement Directors drive social interactions by creating content that enhances a company’s customer service.

Live Nation Entertainment, a world leading E-commerce company specializing in concerts and live event promotions, is on the hunt for specialists in social media consumer engagement. A Social Media Consumer Engagement Director works alongside a client’s customer service team to provide a social experience that influences interaction between Live Nation, it’s clientele and their consumers.

3. Integrated Social Media Manager

To the buyer, the selling process may only appear to come from a physical brick and mortar store, but behind every purchase are various levels of product development that are involved in the selling process. Social media strategies extend deep into sales and even licensing departments. Integrated social media managers harmonize the social process on all levels of the product or services development. An integrated social media manager helps create one concise message that is relayed throughout the entire company.

The popular high-end designer, Michael Kors, is an example of a company looking for an Integrated Social Media Manager. Michael Kors wants an individual that can help translate a unified social media strategy among all branches of the company. Integrating the social presence between E-commerce and the retail marketing departments is just as important to Michael Kors as being able to translate the same message on a global and local scale.

4. Social Insights and Analytics Coordinator

You can’t have a social media campaign without expecting and utilizing data. As the use of social media becomes more applied in all industries, companies are having a hard time understanding what engagements mean and what content is performing well. In 2017, we expect to see a larger presence of social analytic team members in marketing departments. Analytic coordinators translate the data from social campaigns to create more efficient content and help map consumer engagement. A social insight and analytic coordinator is a useful tool to all marketing teams to help understand the effectiveness of a social strategy, and how this success relates to and accomplishes company business objectives.

Colgate-Palmolive uses social media analysts within their integrated marketing campaigns to understand the performance of their content. Analysts use the company’s business objectives to understand the data and help create insight on future posts. All data collected is used to understand how posts are performing and how to create posts that will perform even better.

We should expect to see an increase in the number of companies implementing social teams in 2017. With the constant development of social trends, companies now have to moderate and effectively translate their social ad campaigns. Does your company have the necessary roles for a successful social team? Stay tuned for our next social trends post in the New Year. In the meantime, check out our latest post on the social trends brands are using in 2017 by clicking here.

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Posted by Morgan