The second half of 2016 was a time full of unease in the social marketing world. Many advertisers became disheartened by the increase in metric mishaps on social media platforms, particularly from the increasing amount of glitches and bugs that failed to map ads’ performances correctly. Advertisers have become more cautious when creating ads with the social media platforms as more reports of data misinterpretations make way, as they rely on the analytics provided by these platforms to map the performance of their content.

Facebook recently has disclosed multiple misreports of data that have affected the accuracy of advertisers analytics. Facebook discovered bugs that have caused a misrepresentation of the data for time spent on instant articles, videos views, page insights and the reach of marketer’s ads. The site’s graph API feature misinterpreted engagements, reporting higher interactions on posts compared to actuality. Back in September, Facebook announced it had been inflating average ad view times for the past two years. In November, the social platform found issues that have cause the inability to accurately measure engagements, which began in May.

A bug in Twitter’s Android application caused Twitter’s metrics to inflate video advertising metrics by as much as 35%. From November to mid-December, the bug that plagued Twitter gave false analytics about the performance of advertisers’ video success. Twitter responded to the bug by resolving the issue, however they declined to repay advertisers whose campaigns were affected by the bug.

So how can we restore social advertisers’ trust in social analytics? Third-party social analytics platforms have become more and more popular in helping the social data problem major social platforms are facing. Facebook announced they will be creating a third-party analytics initiative to help provide accurate metrics about advertisements.

At LiftMetrix, we work closely with Facebook’s Ads and Insights API to help accurately measure the engagements of social content. LiftMetrix’s social analytics tool measures content performance on all social platforms to provide the most precise data. The LiftMetrix platform supplies analytic support to brands, as well as social media platforms, looking to accurately measure the return on investment for their social efforts. Our features allow brands to connect data sources to gain insights and recommendations to create successful content, measure KPIs, and optimize business objectives.

LiftMetrix helps diminish mistrust in social analytics by supplying accurate data that goes further than numbers and charts. We help translate complicated data into insights showing performance on both a content and platform-level. Our insights into brands’ data from organic, paid and social posts, aggregated across all social platforms and company websites, allow teams across organizations to adjust strategies to create more effective and competitive content, as well as build social strategies that accomplish their business objectives.

To learn more about LiftMetrix and the social analytic support we provide visit our webpage by clicking here or register for our upcoming Webinar, “2016 in Review and Social Trends for 2017” by clicking here.


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Posted by Morgan