The 2017 Sundance Film Festival is in full swing this week as filmmakers and celebrities touch down in snowy Park City, Utah. The festival, as always is a great opportunity for filmmakers and photographers to showcase their latest documentaries and independent films. But this year Sundance saw a different genre of presenters who used the festival to debut and promote their latest creations.

Over the past few years, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have participated in Sundance as way to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest trends and providing limited coverage, attendance and sponsorships. This year, social took a different seat at Sundance than it has done before. In past years social had minimal presence at the festival, providing limited coverage, attendance and sponsorships.

The biggest contribution of social platforms at Sundance so far is the use of live video to keep viewers around the world up-to-date with the latest happenings in Utah. Brands are collaborating with the festival to offer the best virtual experience possible on all social media platforms.. Delta Airlines, who is known for their Delta Airlines Shuttle, creates a Sundance experience without stepping foot in Park City by utilizing Facebook’s latest Live Video feature to keep customers and viewers around the world involved with the festival. The company also magnified their social reach with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram audiences, which were abuzz with the hashtag #DeltaFestivalShuttle to keep track of the latest happenings and festival news.

Brands weren’t the only sources taking advantage of their social media presence at the festival. In the past, YouTube, has used their partnerships at Sundance to help promote their latest features and increase their social interactions. This year, the YouTube House is the place to be this week as they share the latest documentaries and films. YouTube is using their powerful social presence and Sundance partnership to promote their latest update, a 6-second ad format. YouTube presented the 6-second ads to show how captivating stories can connect with individuals in a non-traditional format to create the most efficient and engaging ad experience. YouTube used top directors at Sundance and creative agencies to create the ads, which were showcased to major brands.  This latest feature will transform the way brands use social to connect with their target market.

Facebook also utilized Sundance’s audience to reveal their latest update, Virtual Reality Storytelling. Facebook, who recently acquired Oculus, a leader in virtual reality technology, used Sundance as their stage to showcase updates in virtual reality at The Oculus House from Facebook. Facebook created a social buzz around the latest features of innovations and storytelling experiences which were promoted at The Oculus House.

Sundance, which can be viewed through live streams on the Sundance website, Facebook page and by other brands, has become a prime example of how social networks are now, more than ever, using pop culture and other types of events to roll out new products and updates to attract the attending audiences. Pop culture events have become a huge resource for brands to create lasting engagements with their consumers, while building a following, brand loyalty, and buzz in the press and social media universes.

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Posted by Morgan