In the fourth installment of LiftMetrix’s blog series recapping our “Is Social Driving Your Business Objectives?” webinar, we discuss how Financial Service brands are using Twitter to drive their business objectives.

A quick look back at our past posts in this series focus on multiple industries use of social strategies to successfully drive their business objectives. In our previous posts we discussed how business strategies are driven by Media Publishers through Facebook, followed by our discussion of Retailers use of Instagram and our most recent post on Chipotle and Panera’s use of Pinterest.

American Express’ top performing tweet in the month of September promoted their pre-sale partnership with the Ariana Grande’s World Tour. This post generated large interaction by promoting a hashtag campaign, accompanied by an attention-grabbing image and the tagging of a celebrity. The tweet also prompted followers to click the link, which would bring them directly to the American Express pre-sale. Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 3.57.23 PMIn the image below, viewers are brought to the link provided in the Tweet.  Here, the page displays several ways in which American Express is attempting to drive business objectives. Customers who are looking to buy tickets are given suggestions to enroll in the American Express Membership Rewards program or to sign up for an American Express Gold Card. From this page American Express can drive membership acquisition while promoting their partnership.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 3.58.03 PM

Another type of campaign American Express utilizes takes it a step further in the optimization of its business objectives by creating a campaign with the promotion several hotel deal. The tweet supplies a link that allows users to redeem offers by connecting their American Express card and Facebook or Twitter accounts to book the hotel offers. This tweet continues to enforce the companies objectives to increase signups and offer redemptions.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 3.58.09 PM


Next we will compare MasterCards use of Twitter for their business objectives.

MasterCards top performing tweets focuses on sponsorships with major athletes and other major companies like Jet Blue and Dunkin Donuts. MasterCard uses images, videos and hashtags to make their Twitter posts interactive. MasterCard is missing out of page views and traffic to their direct promotions due to lack of links within their tweets.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 4.02.36 PM

Stay tuned for our next post on Tips for Driving Business Objectives. In the meantime, you can download our “Is Your Social Driving Your Business Objectives” presentation by clicking here, or you can view the presentation recording by clicking here.






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Posted by Morgan